the Chef

irene_thechefI am Irene Esquibil-Looze, I was born and raised in the Philippines up until my whole family emigrated to the Netherlands when I was 17. As a child, I was already curious about the food that my grandfather prepares. Tasting and asking every ingredient I see. I believe this is when my passion for cooking began.

I finished Tourism and Administration course, but deep inside me, I felt like I have a different path to take. Then I found myself working at KLM Catering where I was assigned in the food preparation for the first class seats. There I learned a lot about culinary arts such as Canape’s, Amuse bouche, Hors d’oeuvres and plating.

Eventually, I transferred to the Special-meal department (diet- kitchen), where I prepare special meals for vegetarian, food without allergens, special diet for passengers with medical conditions and various cuisines for people from different religious grounds.

After 18 years of service, with much experience at the KLM catering, tasting the food from different countries, participating in workshops, I finally decided to create EsQuisine Catering Services.